Quadrox Fast-Touch Video Browser Version 1.0

Quadrox demonstrates a fully touch-enabled video browser. It guarantees the finest user experience: simple, flexible and smart navigation among unlimited amount of servers and many cameras connected to each of them.
SmartSearch, precise timestamp selection, thumbnails of camera's presets position and a lot more valuable features. 


Quadrox Ticket Player

Quadrox introduces one of the add-ons to QPOS Link - QTicket Player - a player that allows playing exported video together with POS ticket information. Auditors can move within the movie by clicking on ticket items. QTicket Player can be easily integrated in existing loss prevention applications that are not directly linked to WebCCTV video recorders. The meta data of the exported movies can be indexed and searched upon through third party products like Microsoft Indexing server.


Quadrox TP.NET Integration

Quadrox demonstrates the integration with Wincor Nixdorf TP.NET.


POS Witness: Test How Attentive You Are

POS movie"POS Witness" is a short interactive demo movie presented in a game format. The viewer becomes a player and an eye witness to a crime. The movie shows a crime scene, which is followed by questions the viewer has to answer. Afterwards the test results are evaluated by running through the scene again and the player is confronted with what was missed during the first observation

Retail Witness Movie

Office POS Witness Movie


Image Quality and Network Video Recording

These two interactive presentations show the difference between the image quality of the megapixel and analogue cameras. They allow to compare the resolution and surface coverage of the cameras.

Images of cameras with different resolution looking at the same scene.

How much surface do different cameras cover at an identical resolution?


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