KB case # Problem Description Product Version Updated
KB-0133 Contacting HP For Hardware Warranty Coverage WebCCTV, IQR all 14.07.2010
KB-0130 Using old Activation Code after placing additional NIC WebCCTV, GuardDVR, GuardNVR, IQR all 18.06.2010
KB-0129 Changing the default port of IIS WebCCTV, GuardDVR, GuardNVR Alarms, IQR any 04.06.2010
KB-0118 Entering BIOS on HP units WebCCTV - HP Unit any 25.03.2010
KB-0115 Cleaning the disk from OS updates XPe and earlier 10.03.2010
KB-0114 Product update failure recovery WebCCTV, GuardNVR, Alarms, POS and higher 08.02.2010
KB-0112 Change colour palette of the UDP digitizer card WebCCTV, Guard NVR and earlier 02.02.2010
KB-0107 Port 80 blocked for Belgacom customers WebCCTV, Guard NVR all 07.12.2009
KB-0104 Can't connect with RDC when server is in Operator mode WebCCTV, Guard NVR XPe – 12.11.2009
KB-0103 Can't log in if control port (1518) is changed WebCCTV, Guard NVR – (till 10.11.2009
KB-0102 Panasonic BB-HCM7XX configuration WebCCTV, Guard NVR 04.11.2009
KB-0101 GE security cameras don't work WebCCTV, GuardNVR - 06.11.2009
KB-0100 Server doesn’t boot automatically after power failure (attached to UPS) WebCCTV, Guard NVR all 08.02.2010
KB-0098 Stopped Streaming & Memory Leak (e.g. Toshiba) WebCCTV, GuardNVR any 14.07.2009
KB-0089 Can’t log in from Vista client WebCCTV, Guard NVR\DVR all 11.06.2009
KB-0086 Flickering Mosaics & Disabling Hardware Acceleration WebCCTV, GuardNVR/DVR all 27.05.2009
KB-0085 No Streaming over Internet WebCCTV, GuardNVR/DVR and higher 27.05.2009
KB-0082 Playback Page not loaded- WebCCTV, GuardNVR 12.05.2009
KB-0081 HTTP 500 Error at Launch Web Application WebCCTV, GuardNVR/DVR or higher 05.05.2009
KB-0075 W32.Downadup (Conflicker) All OS all 30.03.2009
KB-0074 Create Custom Mosaic Template WebCCTV, GuardNVR/DVR or higher 27.03.2009
KB-0073 Logon fails from Vista Client- WebCCTV, GuardDVR/NVR 25.03.2009
KB-0071 MPEG streaming doesn’t work for Zavio models WebCCTV, GuardNVR or higher 24.03.2009
KB-0070 Disable & Enable Snapshot Timestamps WebCCTV, GuardNVR or higher 24.03.2009
KB-0065 Install GuardNVR without WMP11- GuardNVR Version or higher 04.03.2009
KB-0063 Enabling MPEG for Panasonic WV-NP100X cameras- WebCCTV, GuardDVR/NVR V or higher 29.01.2009
KB-0061 Missing DNS server blocks UI for 30 seconds WebCCTV, GuardDVR/NVR and older 19.02.2009
KB-0059 Quick change keyboard localization WebCCTV, GuardDVR/NVR all 10.02.2009
KB-0058 Playing exported MPEG movies on Vista- WebCCTV, GuardDVR/NVR V or earlier 09.02.2009
KB-0057 Change keyboard localization WebCCTV, GuardDVR/NVR all 06.02.2009
KB-0056 Localization Issue WebCCTV, Guard NVR/DVR 05.02.2009
KB-0049 Decompressor issue on Vista WebCCTV, GuardDVR/NVR V or higher 30.09.2008

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