Digital Surveillance Solution Integrated with POS

Zeeman Group Zeeman Group operates almost 1100 Zeeman TextielSupers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. Its formula is characteristic of high-level uniformity and low prices. For the video surveillance Zeeman wanted a single wireless camera that could be placed at trouble areas in the shops while other cameras needed to function over existing twisted pair cables. 
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Integrated Video Surveillance in Telecommunications

telecommunications O2 (British Telecom) is one of the largest and the most innovative telecom providers in Holland. To secure their personnel and customers O2 had a need for Video Surveillance. To reduce theft and more closely and easily monitor all transactions the ideal CCTV solution had to be integrated with the POS system (point of sales). O2 chose for an integrated video surveillance a solution offered by Anker-Systems, their POS supplier.
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Visual data becomes an integral part of the POS experience as demonstrated by Power 4 Convenience

Martin McColl operates a leading nationwide network of convenience and newsagent stores. As a large-scale retailer with 1,250 outlets and 13,000 employees, the company has long relied on POS technology to support its in-store and back office operations. For its new POS technology Martin McColl selected Torex Power 4 Convenience – a fully integrated video POS system created by Torex in cooperation with Quadrox. This system will handle 1,250 outlets involving over 7,000 Panasonic network cameras.
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