WebCCTV provides mobile wireless surveillance for Graspop and Zwarte Cross Festivals

Graspop and Zwarte Cross festivals shared one common goal this summer – providing safety and maintaining a worry-free and relaxing atmosphere for its participants through reliable surveillance infrastructure. Quadrox mobile installation with wireless connection offered a low-cost and low-maintenance solution.  Between the two festivals WebCCTV NVR monitored the area of 14 football fields (about 14 ha) with more than 278 000 visitors.

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WebCCTV Contributes to Animal Research at the University of Bristol

The Department of Clinical Veterinary Science of University of Bristol has a major commitment to research projects aligned to animal welfare. The scientists carry out observational and experimental studies of animals in the field or lab. The group further translates research into practical approaches for improving animal well-being. WebCCTV from Quadrox allows the scientists to monitor animal behavior and run advanced video intelligence on the native recordings. 
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WebCCTV Secures the World’s Greatest Auto Auction

autoauctioin The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Events are the world’s greatest auto auctions. The 36th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event took place in Scottsdale, Arizona, on January 15 - 21, 2007. This year the Scottsdale auction featured more than 1,600 of the world’s finest collector automobiles and attracted over 225,000 visitors. Barrett-Jackson bidders snapped up 1,271 total cars driving auction sales to over $110 million. 
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WebCCTV NVR to Protect 50 Nevada Restaurants

50 restaurants Profitability in fast-food restaurants demands more than good food and sound marketing. It also requires avoiding seven deadly profitability problems: employee sloppiness, poor customer service, inadequate staffing during peak hours, slip-and-fall court suits, shrinkage, vandalism and burglary. To protect profit margins for John Zirkel's 50 Nevada restaurants, he uses Quadrox WebCCTV NVR video surveillance systems. 
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WebCCTV catches criminals!

WebCCTV catches criminals See how WebCCTV secures your premises and works in real life. The following movie was generated through WebCCTV's permanent activity based recordings at a night shop in Brussels. As a result of these images the two criminals were recognized and arrested.
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Network CCTV Solution with 19" WebCCTV

19" WebCCTV Exact is a leading manufacturer of software for accounting, human resource management (HRM), customer relationship management (CRM,) e-business and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Exact software is used in 126 countries and available in 26 languages. As a technology driven company Exact prefers to work with network based applications for a higher efficiency. Therefore Exact was looking for an Internet Technology based Video Surveillance solution enabling to easily manage CCTV from any desktop PC.
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Video Surveillance and Web Broadcast

web broadcast Robedikappa is an international fashion company with stores worldwide including Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and the U.S.A. Robedikappa does a lot on promotion through their website. Keeping the site updated however is a very time and cost intensive activity. Such quality fashion store is vulnerable to theft and therefore a CCTV installation is very useful. With WebCCTV NVR from Quadrox all activities in the shop can be monitored locally and remotely.
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Video Surveillance with Plate Recognition

plate recognition Het Zoute Parking is a big parking garage. Almost every week parking personnel copes with customers that do not follow proper procedures by trying to leave the parking without paying. The CCTV system that was used before became unreliable; reviewing recordings was useless since they were frequently unrecognizable. WebCCTV NVR stores recorded movies in a digital format. The system has no maintenance cost and the quality of the recordings is guaranteed.
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Pharmacists Have a 3rd Eye Ensuring Their Safety

3rd eye pharmacists Pharmacists that need to serve customers at night are more and more confronted with visits from uninvited guests. During late opening hours a drugstore is an easy target for crime especially by drug addicts. To secure the safety of the pharmacist and customers at night a CCTV system is not always sufficient. A "3rd eye" is required to keep an eye on unruly customers. If an uninvited or suspicious person enters the shop, the pharmacist can push a button to inform the control room.
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