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Maximum Availability at Minimum Effort


QMonitor makes network video effortless and reliable

QMonitor provides a remote service designed to keep your security solution operating efficiently. Instead of managing WebCCTV systems at your locations, you can delegate it to a team of qualified and experienced professionals at our Quadrox service and support center.

QMonitor benefits:

  • Ensured security continuity – by continuously monitoring that all system components are operational and the security recordings are saved
  • Enhanced management oversight – due to the ability to monitor up to thousands of locations
  • Reduced operating cost - with simplified video management
  • Worry-free operations – continuous monitoring and analysis lead to optimal maintenance and prevention
  • Quick and easy recovery – through immediate notification and high quality technical help
  • Always up to date – by constant update of software and security patches

Prevention rather than Treatment

QMonitor focuses on preventive measures that are more effective and less expensive than the actual treatment. QMonitor includes continuous WebCCTV system monitoring, data gathering and analysis leading to more optimal maintenance and prevention.

Preventive maintenance:qmonitor

  • Security vulnerability management
  • Performance monitoring of cameras and video recorders
  • Disk usage optimisation
  • Recordings presence check

Incident notifications:

  • Hardware incident notification such as camera failure or focus loss
  • Software incident notification (when possible
    the remedy is handled by Quadrox)

NVR software updates:

  • Upgrade to the latest available software version and security patches without user intervention
  • Installation of important OS updates

Incident recovery handling:

  • Quadrox assistance in case of failure
  • Backup of system settings

System performance reporting:

  • Monthly report on system performance
  • Monthly report on all actions performed by our Quadrox service center




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